"Shipyard Famagusta Cyprus Middle East Forum" 2017
6.11.2017 10:03:41
"Shipyard Famagusta Cyprus Middle East Forum" 2017 has taken place in Beirut Riviera Hotel Seminar Venue on 5th October. Over 50 local and international people has attended the seminar. After welcome speeches by Capt.Haytham Chaaban(Organizer of event-CEO of Robban Assafina Magazine,Mr.Raymond Khawand (Solution Partner - on behalf of BBS Greece) and by Mr.Musa Gokalp Gundogdu (Marketing Manager of Shipyard Famagusta),BBS Greece is introduced to participants by Mr.Raymond. Then by Mr.Musa Gökalp Gundogdu, presentations are shown concerning Shipyard's history,facilities,activities,projects delivered and short video film. Second part of seminaris continued for explanation of Financing Repair&Newbuilding and Conversion projects.After end of program, all participants have had lunch together. Mr.Musa Gökalp Gundogdu have said that at the end of the event that Lebanon is the most important location to continue our events in the future.