• Following investment in new pool, especially Syria, Cyprus and Turkey, a total of 3 countries, organize indoctury events, business travel arrangements and make advertising promotions,
• More of the new pool investment to increase the population of employees, depending on business growth provide new employment,
• The scope of continuous improvement and achieving goals, planned to focus on educational activities. In this context, giving vocational training about Occupational Health and Safety to our employees for maximize awareness of the employees' task,
• Comply to the reservation plans that we provided to our customers,
• Make right interventions in the first discovery of ship maintenance to identify the source of the failure by first-hand,
• Ensure maximum success of ultrasonic measurement's results about first-class ships's welder processes and controls,
• Giving representations to increase year of the existing ship maintenance and customer potentiality,
• Management review and quality associated with the work as soon as possible to implement the decisions taken at meetings,
• Make timely and effective care of mechanical equipment and machines according to specified care plan,
• Except the vessels came to the shipyard for maintenance, begin the advertising activities for our CNC works.

• Maintain the activities that are quality awareness and understanding of employees in quality approach for aim the basic element of quality the human resources to the target,
• Satisfy the customer of the shipyard with quality up-to-era, standardized, realiable and modern service. Provide service them beyond expectations.